Monday, March 30, 2009

Puppy of freedom

My human has finally realised what a well-balanced and mature puppy I am, and I'm getting all kinds of special privileges.

Firstly, I'm allowed to spend the day in the lounge room and kitchen, instead of being stuck in my pen in the kitchen. And I can go onto the balcony whenever I want, now that I have my own personal private entrance.

And also I'm allowed to go off-leash in the dog park and in Royal Park (I prefer to stay on my leash when we're on the normal streets, because I don't want my human straying onto the road by accident).

Here's a picture of me in the dog park, which is the Clayton Reserve across from the Lost Dogs' Home.

You can see how my front legs got shaved for the drip when I had my Operation, and now it looks like I'm wearing shorts and furry ugg boots (my human calls them ugh boots). I don't mind, I think it makes me look like Britney Spnauzer (I am still a puppy, after all).

Here's me playing with some of my friends. The Schnauzer in front of the beagle is called Spinner, and the Schnauzer behind the beagle is called Boo. Together we are the Schnauzer Triple Threat.

And here's me playing with Boo. He's a Standard Schnauzer puppy, and he's almost as big as my enormous Miniature Schnauzer cousin Bertie. Bertie's a gentle giant, except when I bite his beard - then he grabs my neck in his mouth and holds me down to the ground. As soon as he lets me go I jump up and bite him again. So I was very comfortable playing with Boo. We like to play very, very fast.

Here's a picture of me in Royal Park with my human's ball. She keeps accidentally throwing it away, so I chase it and chase it as fast as I can go, and then when I catch up to it I sit beside it to mark the spot so my human can find it again.

And here's me running and running in Royal Park.


Oskar said...

Um, I don't want to alarm you, but do you realize that you have an actual tail??

Here in the US they chop off our tails when we are first born. My mom person came to pick me out when I was one day old & my tail was already gone.

She didn't allow them to cut up my ears though. They make us schnauzers very expressive, don't you think?

I don't have a dog park, but I do have my own back yard with a fence. Patrolling it is a very big responsibility!

JD and Max said...

Hi Sasha - your 'shorts and boots' look is really cute, we like it! We don't have dog parks here which is a real shame, especially since during the summer season us dogs are not allowed onto the seafront - we've only got 4 weeks of beach time left, we think it's scandalous! Much love and admiration - JD and Max.

Sasha said...

Oh Oskar, what a pity about your tail! I love my tail, though sometimes when I go to nibble on the end it gets away from me so I have to go in a circle until I catch up with it. I prefer to have it clipped, but my cousins Bertie and Oliver prefer theirs to be all fluffy, so they look like little flags.

It's illegal here to cut off tails (except Western Australia), but only for the last few years, and some people still get a bit upset when they see a dog with a cropped tail and ask the dog's human lots of questions about the dog's age.

My human prefers dogs to have all the bits they were born with. Except for The Operation, which is Best For My Health.

Sasha said...

Hey JD and Max

I'm allowed at the beach all year round at some beaches, but in summer it has to be at certain times, usually before 8am, or after 8pm.

In a few weeks I'll be allowed at the beach all day long, but my human says it might be too cold for me to learn to swim, and we should have thought of that earlier.