Tuesday, March 10, 2009


As a schnauzer, I love a good schnoozle (or schnozzle, in the vernacular), but unfortunately I suffer from a condition known as somn-squirmulation, or sleep slithering.

Take, for example, the pictures below. Whilst the first one looks perfectly normal, the red rug being one of my preferred sleeping locations, I actually started out on the blue bed on the right, and sleep-squirmulated my way across the floor ...

... over the rug ...

... and reversed direction.

While there is, as yet, no cure for this disease, I do the best I can to conquer it, by sleeping as much as schnauzerly possible.


JD and Max said...

Sasha - you are as brave as you are beautiful! Your sad tale has touched us and we have vowed to schnoozle even more than we usually do in a bid to see if we can come up with any answers for you - all in the name of science and stretching a helping paw across continents you understand, there's absolutely nothing in it for us..... We adore your blog - you are the most gorgeous schnauzer we have ever seen. We also follow the teachings of your cousins Bertie and Oliver, who are wise beyond words in the ways of the schnauzer.... With endless admiration - JD and Max

Oskar said...

Well I'm quite worried! You don't sleep by stairs do you?

I solve this problem by stretching out between my people in their bed. They can't believe what a good job I do.

They're always saying how they can't believe one small dog could take up most of the bed.