Sunday, August 9, 2009

Eine kleine nachtpuppyspit

The wonderful Honey is holding a competition for Advanced Drooling Skills & ‘Spectacular Slobber’.

I've decided to enter in the Prop-Assisted category, with my prop being my human's hat.

In winter, my human wears a hat to bed. Other humans laugh at her, but she says she doesn't like the air to be too hot when she's sleeping, and she needs the hat to keep her head warm. I think she should just let her coat grow out like me, then she wouldn't even need blankets.

I, too, like her hat... for chewing on. It's very tasty. And it's good for leaving puppy spit on.

HATTENDUM: Honey has requested an action shot, so as to be able to fully evaluate my technique... so here it is.

Note the optimum angle of my nose, best to dispense the maximum amount of puppy spit. Ear tilt is also important, as is the bracing position of the paws.


The Schnauzer Brothers said...

Hi Sasha! Hey, that's very kind of you to enhance the comfiness of your human's hat. Everypup knows that puppyspit enhances the comfort factor of anything it adornes. We're sure your human wears her spittle hat with pride! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Oskar said...

Very nice distribution. Well executed!

Unknown said...

Hey Sasha - that is fantastic!! You really show them that "less is more"...hee! hee! :-) Thank you so much for making the effort to enter my competition - I'm adding your entry into the Prop-Assisted category (actually, could I be a big pain and ask if there is a photo of the hat WITH you as well next to it? It just would be nice to have you in the photo too! :-) )

Honey the Great Dane

Ziggy Stardust said...

Good job Sasha, if my Mom wore a hat to bed, I would certainly chew on it. I am proud of you.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Unknown said...

Oh, thanks, Sasha, for the extra 'action shot' - it's just what I wanted!! :-)

Honey the Great Dane