Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon. And Morning.

I've been going to Doggy Daycare.*

My human and I decided that it would be good for me to go there once a week or fortnight to play with other puppies, instead of being alone at home all the time. Also, we like the idea that I can have somewhere I'm familiar with to stay if my human needs to go away without me (of course, that would never happen!). If puppies need to do a sleep-over, then they go home with a staff member and join in with the family for the night.

We started with an Assessment Day. I got taken for lots of walks with different people, and they assessed my walking ability. We established very firmly that I can walk.

Then I got introduced to other puppies, to see how I play, and to decide which group I should be with. I showed them how well I play, and they were very pleased with how nicely I made friends.

I got to take a nap, with all the other puppies, listening to Nora Jones. I scored a good spot on a bean-bag!

In the afternoon I had a hydrobath to see how I like being handled. I confirmed that I like being handled, a lot! Especially the luxurious towel massage to dry off. I might ask them to teach my human how to do that, it was quite delightful.

Several times during the day I decided to entertain all my new human and puppy friends with my singing - I am such a thoughtful puppy! The humans said they had never heard singing at that pitch and volume before. My human and I decided that I should go to daycare a couple of times a week for the next few weeks, so the daycare humans can give me singing training, because I'm so talented. Finally I'm getting the recognition I deserve!

I've been a few times since my assessment. There are different puppies there every day, so I get to meet lots of new friends. Once there were so many puppies my size that the big dogs had to move to a different pen so we could take the biggest space - it was great fun. And once we got to play with a soccer ball, and another time with some football players from an AFL club. (AFL is a strange human sport that everyone in Melbourne makes a big fuss about. Except my human, so I've never even seen it on the TV. She says that's a good thing. The other humans are getting even more excited about it at the moment because there's a thing called a Grand Final happening soon, whatever that is.)

We start off every day with a 45-minute power-walk, and then we get to play. At midday we get to snooze on something comfy whilst listening to soothing music. Then we play again, and go for another walk. Depending on the weather we might go out to the dog park, or stay inside. And I get a written report at the end of every day, to prove to my human what a good puppy I was.

My friend Hercules, the extravagantly long sausage dog, also goes to the same daycare, but he's on holidays at the moment. I can't wait until he gets back, then we can play all day long!

The humans at daycare say that my singing training is coming along very nicely, so in a week or two I will only be going in once a week. My human would like me to go twice a week, but she says she can only give up buying her lunch once every day, not twice, to pay for it. I don't eat lunch, so I'm not sure why this is a problem. She should just have kibble for breakfast, like me, then she would be fine.

* Unfortunately the lady couldn't take any pictures of me playing with my friends, because then she would have needed to get permission from the other puppies' humans, because of the Privacy Laws.


The Schnauzer Brothers said...

Hi Sasha - oooh, that sounds like GREAT fun! What a shame you couldn't get photos - we know exactly what you mean though, we always have to get permission from the doggie owners at the park before we can publish any photographs.

Hey - your last comment on our blog caused great excitement as JD has stood on his two front paws before when he's - erm - performing! Female human was SO excited about what he was doing that she rang male human IMMEDIATELY to tell him about the proceedings..... He was at work at the time and was not best pleased - grumpy human, he he he!

We wish we could hear you singing - would you perhaps be able to record something for the blog?

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Nellie, Yuchie, Calvert and Bailey said...

Sasha ~

It sounds like you had a wonderful time... I didn't know you could sing you and Calvert share a talent. He loves to sing all the time, especially early in the morning before our first walk ;-) our mommy doesn't appreciate his talent that early in the morning.

Can't wait to hear more about your next daycare adventure.


Oskar said...

Ooh, I wish I lived close by, we could sing together. My mom person says I am very mouthy. I think that means that I sing very well!

Unknown said...

Oh, Sasha - how interesting to hear all about your doggie daycare! It sounds like an awesome place - all the different activities that they organise for you. I hope they really help with your singing - someone of your great talents definitely deserves recognition!! :-)

Such a shame about the photos! That is so strange - I didn't realise that Privacy Laws applied to doggies too! Oh dear...I'm always getting my human to take pictures of other doggies and putting them on my blog without asking for permission - I figured that as long as their human isn't in the picture that should be OK, shouldn't it? Also, sometimes when humans go on holiday and they take photos, there are loads of other humans in the background which end up in the picture too but they don't go asking everyone of them for permission...

It just seems to silly to be fussing over Privacy laws for doggies!!!

Anyway, maybe they can get a photo of just you alone? We'd love to see you at Daycare!

Honey the Great Dane