Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter parade

Well, not a parade, but I'm going to show off my new winter harness.

My human bought it for me because it's dark when we go for our morning walk, and it's going to be dark in the evenings soon, too. My winter collar has reflective bitties in it, and my human got me a new leash of the same stuff, for crossing the roads in the dark.

Then we decided that, because my hair can get a little shaggy and cover my collar, we should also get a harness with reflective bitties, so that the people in cars have the best chance of not running me over.

We decided to go all purple as the base colour, because it suits me so nicely. My human said they had bright orange in the store and that might have been a better safety colour.

I said I'm not a constructionpuppy, even if I do like to follow all the workmen through the park to the building site in the morning (and even into the building site, if my human forgets to put me back on leash when we go past). So it's just as well they didn't have my size.

So what do you think... pretty, isn't it!

I think I like it more than my green harness, coz it doesn't go over my head, but clips up over my back.

I usually make my human chase me around the coffee table, or under the kitchen table, when she tries to put the green one on me. But I come to her to get this one put on.

Hee hee!