Monday, October 8, 2012

The Digging-est Puppy

Hi everyone, Trixie here!

I found out that my human's favourite book when she was a pup was called The Digging-est Dog.

I thought all that digging sounded like fun, so I've been practising my technique.

Me showing my new friends Reyna and Penny how to do it
(I'll tell you about them another time)

I also want to say Happy Barkday to my gorgeous big sister Sasha, who turns four today, and who plays with me and looks after me, and almost never has to teach me manners!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Princess Trixibelle

Hi everyone!

I'd like you all to meet my new little sister Trixie, the waggingest puppy in the world!

She's 10 weeks old now, and as well as being my little sister, she's actually my first cousin - my mother and her father were littermates!

She's a black schnauzer, but she has a white blaze on her chest, and on her back left foot is a little white twinkletoe!

Our human called her Trixie because she thought I was a very tricksey puppy, and so she expected my little sister be tricksey, too!

We told the breeder that Trixie's nickname is Trixibelle, so the breeder registered her as Princess Trixibelle - she's a princess, just like me! (I don't have a formal title, for me it's more of a lifestyle choice.)

We get on very well - of course, I have to teach her some manners from time to time, but she's learning quickly!

And we play like maniacs every day!