Saturday, May 22, 2010

Frosty zoomies!

This morning I decided to take my human for a walk at 4 degrees o'clock in the morning.

It was frosty.

So I zoomed...

... and zoomed...

... and zoomed...

I love zooming on a frosty morning!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trails & tripulations: Home, Schnauzer Home!

We made it home!

After a final morning walk along the river...

... we were on our way!

The way back was a bit different than the way there - even though it looks very similar.

We don't have many pictures for this post - my human had some pathetic excuse about having a bad cold and just wanting to concentrate on driving. What a wuss!

The first day we drove past Brisbane, and then back through Goondiwindi. We saw an emu on the side of the road! My human says she had never seen a wild emu before, just in zoos and nature parks. We also saw a lovely flock of pink and grey galahs later in the day, grazing in the dusk (you might need to click on the picture to biggify it so you can see them better).

That night we stayed at The Billion Bindy Farm, near Narrabri. That's not its real name, but it's what my human called it when we stopped later in the day and she had to spend 20 minutes pulling bindies out of my fur. And then she kept on finding them, even after we got home!

I loved the farmstay - there was lots of room for me to run around, and two very nice dogs called Molly and Bernie. In the morning we walked around the farm and out into the fields, where we saw cows, chickens, kangaroos and foxes. And I got to eat their poo! Cow poo is wonderful! My favouritist thing ever is grass, and my other favouritist thing ever is poo. And cow poo is a combination of them both! It comes in such large pieces - I could barely pick it up in my mouth. And then my human would chase me around until I dropped it - it was so much fun!

The second day we drove to Narrandera. On the way, we passed through the Shire of Bland. I can't remember anything specific about it.

We didn't arrive at the motel until after dark, and the road was really, really straight - the sky was dark, with stars, and all you could see was the line of red reflectors on the left-hand side of the road, and the white reflectors on the right-hand side. Every once in a while another car or truck would come from the opposite direction, and their headlights would start off looking like a single light, until they got closer and then would look like two headlights, just before they drove past.

The next morning was so cold I sat in the car and shivered and shivered. It was lovely and warm during the day, but so far inland the nights are very chilly at this time of year, especially with no clouds to hold the heat in. So my human threw a towel over me to warm me up until the car's heater was hot enough for me.

We went through a town called Urana, which had the prettiest lake. You can see some pictures here. (My human regrets not stopping there, because it was early enough in the morning that the light on the lake was beautiful, and it was such an unexpected sight after travelling through very flat fields.)

We finally reached Melbourne, but we didn't go straight home - my human took us to the dog park first. I was so happy to be back in my own park, I ran everywhere at once, and sniffed everything! Then we went back to our apartment, and after checking that my bed was back where it should be, and my water bowls were full, I lay in the sun by the open balcony door, and was just a very contented little puppy.

Some other doggies and their humans have been asking me where we stayed - so here's the list of the places that were Sasha-friendly. All of them let puppies sleep inside, as long as they don't go on the furniture, and as long as they sleep in their own bed.

Town & Country Motor Inn

Goondiwindi Motel & Tracks Restaurant

Edgeroi (north of Narrabri)
"Yera" Farm Stay B&B

Fig Tree Motel

We also took a book of pet-friendly accommodation with us, in case of emergency - Holidaying with dogs. Lots of places, even in the book, say they are pet-friendly, but won't let the pets go inside - they have to sleep in the car. I told my human that if I had to sleep in the car, then she did too, so she called ahead to check that I was allowed inside everywhere we stayed!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trails & tripulations: Schnauzerama

Hello everyone!

I'm still in Queensland on my holiday and it's been wonderful - and I want to share some of the Schnauzerly fun I've been having!

Here's Mr Skink. He's not a Schnauzer, but I think he's cute enough to have honourary Schnauzer status. And I didn't try to eat him, not even once!

My friend Bobby came over to visit the other day. He's in the picture below, but a bit difficult to spot. From bottom to top it's me, Heidi, Lexi and then Bobby hiding in the shadows. We're getting yummy treats from my Grand(hu)ma!

Here's the picture from another angle. Bobby's the one with his head under the footstool...

Oooh... here's a much nicer picture of him - isn't he cute!

And me, don't forget me!

I've been playing and playing and playing with my cousins. Here's me playing tug-of-Flea with Lexi.

It was a very exhausting game so eventually we had to playing whilst lying on the ground.

I think Lexi won that round.

And what was Heidi doing when we were tug-of-Flea-ing? Well, supervising, of course!

My Grand(hu)ma lives right near Mooloolaba, which is a very popular beach - see how pretty it is.

I wasn't allowed to go see it, though - look at this ... unbelievable! How is this even possible??

Doggies are not allowed anywhere on the foreshore, or in any of the cafés in Mooloolaba, not even outside! If they get caught there, the café has to pay a $2,000 fine, and the doggie's owner has to pay a $200 fine. It's not very puppy-friendly, at all!

Bobby's human is involved in a group called Pups in Paradise, which is trying to make sure there are still some areas that doggies can go!

There is another beach nearby, called Buddina Beach, which has an off-leash area for puppies. We went there and had the best time!

Here's the three of us checking out a hole. (Lexi had to stay on-leash, because she likes to go off on little adventures of her own.)

Heidi chose not to supervise on this trip - she really likes the beach!

Actually, maybe she likes it a little too much - she looks a bit insane in this picture.

Er. Yes. Maybe I enjoy the beach a little too much, too!

Tomorrow I'm packing my human back into the car, and making her drive me back home again - I've had a wonderful time meeting and playing with my cousins, and running up and down the stairs with them in the middle of the night, and playing games with their toys, but I need my human to go back to work so she can keep me in the style to which I deserve to be accustomed!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trails & tripulations: Settling in

Today we had an early start. Mainly because my cousin Lexi and I were having an early-morning conversation - I was in my bedroom downstairs, and she was in her bedroom upstairs. But it was easy enough to talk to each other, we just barked really loudly!

So we all went for a nice early walk along the river.

I love palm trees at dawn!

We met lots of other puppies. Here's my new friend, Bobby.

When Bobby arrived, there were four Schnauzers walking together, so we were all in charge!

Unfortunately, when there are that many Schnauzers together, we mill around like short, furry, unstripey zebras, and cameras can't focus properly, so we don't have any pictures of us all together. It's just as well, really, as the collective beauty and handsomeness might break the internet.

My cousin Lexi and I are becoming good friends. This morning we were sharing toys. I would go pick a toy from the pile, then she would rush up and take it away from me, and add it to her own pile of toys. And whenever my human went to pat me, Lexi would make sure she was there to get pats too. Actually, Lexi reminds me a lot of my cousin Oliver, in Melbourne.

She's also a bit of a camera hog.

In some ways she's more like Oliver than Oliver is.

She's also very elegant and sophisticated, just like my friend Honey.

I know Lexi and I are going to become great friends!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trails & tripulations: Puppy cousins

Today we drove all the way to my Grand(hu)ma's house! It was about 440kms, and it took us from 7.30am until 2pm. We left early because there were a lot of Drilling Men in the units around us, and they got up at about 5.30. I told them off for getting up so early, and then my human decided maybe we should get up too.

This is the way we went.

The first thing we did when we left was take a rest break. We went to get some more smelly stuff for the car, then we we went to MacDonald's. My human says they are good for breakfast when you are on the road, but I think she likes them for breakfast when she's going by tram or walking, too. I got to have some little pieces of egg and bacon, which made a nice change from kibble.

Then we were on our way!

First we stopped at Milmerran, which is about half way to Toowoomba, and then we stopped at Esk, which is PicturEsk, according to the big sign.

Then we went past the Glasshouse Mountains, and through to Beerwah. The only place we got a little lost on the whole trip was in Beerwah, which my human thought was very funny, because her family has a farm there, so she's been visiting since she was a teensy pup and used to know the way really well. But they've put in a lot of houses and changed all the roads around since the last time she was there, and the way she was used to taking had gone away - and the beepy machine didn't know where to go either. My human figured it out eventually.

The other thing that's in Beerwah is the Australia Zoo, which was put there by The Crocodile Human. When my human was a pup, it used to be called the Queensland Reptile Park. My human's family once found a crocodile in the dam on the farm. It was a bit lost, wa-a-ay too far south, so they called The Crocodile Human and he came and caught it and gave it a new home.

My human says she never saw a crocodile in the dam, just tiger snakes swimming on the surface, and yabbies swimming underneath. She used to tie pieces of string around Dougal The Cat's dinner meat, and try to catch yabbies. She never knew what to do with the yabbies when she caught them, so she would throw them back. And make sure her Grandma gave Dougal more food. She also used to help her Grandad milk the cows and then help her Grandma make butter from the milk, when she even younger than I am in dog years. But enough of that, this blog is about me!

When my human finally stopped talking about herself (yawn!) we were at the Sunshine Coast, and next thing, we'd arrived at my Grand(hu)ma's house!

The first thing we did was get out of the car, and immediately go for a walk, before we even said hello to anyone. Then my Grand(hu)ma and her Peter brought Heidi and Lexi, their two Schnauzer girls - my cousins - to meet me in the park.

Here's a picture of me in the park.

Then we went for a run alongside the river.

Here's my cousin Heidi, and me in the background. Heidi's a lot older than Lexi or me, and she has a nubbin instead of a tail. They're not allowed to do nubbins any more, here in Australia. So Lexi doesn't have a nubbin, and she has lots of hair on her tail. I get mine clipped short, so that's how the humans can tell us apart.

They are very nice girls, and not nearly as evil as they look in this picture. That's Lexi on the left and Heidi on the right. Well, obviously that's me on the far left!

Now we get to stay here for almost a week - no more driving! But then we have to go back home again. It would be quicker for us to drive to New Caledonia from here, than back to Melbourne!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Trails & tripulations: Kibble, kibble, all around...

Today we drove from Forbes to Goondiwindi (the humans pronounce it Gundawindy, or Gundy for short, for some reason).

It was about 650 kms, you can see it on this map. The red flag on the coast is where we are going tomorrow - where my Grand(hu)ma lives.

This is the view from the back door of our motel room, in Forbes, this morning. That grassy area is an old bowls green, and the motel man put us in this room so I could have a run around when I wanted.

From Forbes, we went to Dubbo. We found a very nice park to stop at, with a good steep hill to go down.

And some pretty water at the bottom.

Yesterday the road was mainly flat, but this morning it was all rolling hills and bushland. We drove for miles and miles without seeing any towns, and there were only a few properties - you can tell because there's a dirt driveway and a letterbox, and that's it.

Our next big stop was at Coonabarabran. It was very pretty and autumnal.

How many ducks does it take to cross the road? I think it must be 10, because there are nine there and they are all waiting. I hope the other duck turns up soon, because the Rescue Squad needs to be fully ducked at all times!

When we got to Narrabri, the land turned flat, and then we were driving for miles and miles where there was nothing but flatness and the road was straight, and all there was around us was a train track going along the side of the road, the occasional grain silo, and heat-haze all around.

My human said it was difficult to tell if you could pass the road trains (they're giant trucks), because of the heat-haze - you couldn't always tell if there was something coming in the opposite direction, and if there was, you couldn't tell how far away it was. She says that's why we're driving with our headlights on even during the day, so other cars can see us coming and don't crash into us.

We finally arrived at Goondiwindi. My human ordered room service, and I got... kibble... for dinner... What?? I don't get kibble for dinner, only for breakfast!

For dinner I prefer 4-legs, or chicken necks, or sardines, or chicken and vegetables, or chicken and rice. Not kibble. I thought it was a mistake last night when my human gave me kibble for dinner. I didn't want to say anything, because I thought she might have been too tired, and that's why I got kibble. I also didn't eat it.

But then she gave me kibble for dinner tonight. Hey, human! How about planning ahead better and staying in a better-quality place where you can cook me the dinners to which I deserve to be accustomed! Well, of course I ate the kibble, because I'm a well-mannered little puppy, and also I was hungry. And then she gave me a few green beans and a piece of carrot from her room service meal. So that was ok.

I hope she's not planning on giving me only kibble for the rest of the trip!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Trails & tripulations: A Grand Adventure

I'm having A Grand Adventure.

My human and I are off to visit my Grand(hu)ma, on the other side of the universe. We're driving, and it's going to take years and years to get there.

A Grand Adventure of this magnitude requires a lot of planning. Here's me assisting my human with all the packing. As you can see, I've been packing my gorgeousness - I had to spend a lot of time working on my beauty sleep.

Today we drove from Melbourne to Forbes - about 700km.

My human was a little surprised that the beepy machine didn't say to go through Shepparton, but she said she was pleased we went further east, because there's been a plague of locusts, and she didn't want to have to pick them out of the radiator. We did get lots of other types of bugs on the car, though.

This route took us through Ned Kelly country. We didn't stop at Glenrowan, which my human regretted soon after, coz it was ages before we found a nice quiet place to stop - we had to wait until after Albury-Wodonga.

We ended up stopping at Gerogery.

There was a horse there, saying hello to some children.

I was a bit concerned, because it was a lot bigger than the children.

But it turned out to be a nice horse, after all.

My human says we will be at my Grand(hu)ma's place after two more human sleeps. That's like, um, several hundred puppy sleeps. At least I will be able to stock up on gorgeous!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just say no!

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while... I've been otherwise occupooed.

It all started the other week, when I was feeling a bit sickie in my tummy, and kept waking my human up at 3am to go for a walk. My human and I decided to wait a day or two to see if my tummy would feel better, but then one day when she was at work I felt very sickie, and was sickie and pooey all over the carpet and on the bed and on the couch. I decided not to be sickie in the kitchen or the bathroom or on the balcony, because I know my human doesn't like mopping.

So then we went to the vet. I love my vet. It's where I went to puppy school, and it's one of my favourite places. I always rush around the counter to say hello to the nurse, and she always makes a big fuss of me. And also they have a display case of kittens who always come to their window to say hello to me, and I wag my tail and wish they would come out to play.

The vet said I should stop eating for 24hrs. At least, that's what my human says he said. I think he said my human shouldn't eat for 24hrs, because (and this is just the truth, nothing more), she's got a bit porky lately, and he probably thought she could lose a little weight. Anyway, so then my human didn't give me any food for a whole day! And then I felt better, so then she gave me some yummy bland chicken risotto that she makes especially for me when I'm feeling sickie. I love yummy bland chicken risotto!

But then a few days later I felt even more sickie than before, and because it was a very Special Day when lots of human places are closed, we went to the Hospupital. And the vet there said I had a thing called haemorrhagic gastroenteritis, and I ended up staying at the hospupital the whole night and they gave me IV fluids and things. And then the next day I went back to my vet and kept having IV things. And then I went home with my human, and I gave her special kisses.

And I got to eat yummy bland chicken risotto, which is just the best thing in the universe! But not enough, not enough! My human said she wanted to treat my tummy carefully, so I was only getting half portions. Not fair!

Then I refused to poo for two whole days, and my human got really worried, because she said I'd eaten a volume of food that was the same size as my head, and maybe I was going to explode! Haha! I was teasing her! I did poo eventually, and she was so excited she carefully collected it in a special bag like it was some kind of treasure. Humans are weird. Well, there's lots more poo where that came from, human - I'm always happy to help out!

The problem is, now my human keeps trying to slip kibble into my yummy bland chicken risotto. Of course, I eat around it and then I play with it, but I can see what's coming up - my human thinks she's going start making me eat kibble again. Ha! I'm going to refuse. I like my yummy bland chicken risotto, and I'm not ready to give it up yet!

So here's my message to all those puppies out there who've been sickie enough to make their humans cook them yummy bland chicken risotto - Just Say No!

Oh, in case you're wondering, now that I'm pooing properly again, I've decided to develop a strange, sorey and pus-y infected foot. The vet doesn't know what it is, and the antibiotics I'm still taking for my now-not-very-sickie tummy are masking it.

Heh, heh... my human is a bit worried, because next weekend we embarking on our Grand Adventure, driving to Queensland to visit my Grand(hu)ma and my cousins, her two Miniature Schnauzers. Of course, I'm only finding new ways to get sickie to keep my human on her toes, and I intend to be perfectly healthy for the trip - I'm really just amusing myself. Though the joke is backfiring on me a little, I have all these shaved bits on my legs and my sorey foot, I hope my cousins don't laugh at me.

Oh, of course they won't - I'm gorgeous! And not at all sickie. Not really.

Just Say No To Kibble!

This morning the vet pulled a giant seed out of my foot. I was a little disappointed, because I had been saving it for later, and they are very difficult to find at this time of year. But my foot feels much better now, plus I have to have more tablets every day, which means extra pieces of chicken (and hopefully cheese) for my human to hide them in!