Friday, January 30, 2009

More Good Puppy

It would be very wrong of me to climb down my human's leg from the couch onto the coffee table and then steal tissues, so of course I would never do that.

Seeing as how I'm a Good Puppy, and all.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy puppy

Here are some pictures of me being happy.

In this picture, I'm being happy.

This is me being happy on the couch.

Here I am happily leaning on the table.

And here's me being happy with a toy.

I'm so pretty! And happy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Arts and crafts

I am very possibly the most intelligent puppy in the entire universe.

I know this because my human tells me so every time I go to the toilet on the turf on the balcony. To be honest, I don't think she's very bright, because I've always been skilled at going to the toilet - it comes very naturally to me - but if she wants to give me treats for doing it, then why argue? I've tried showing her how talented I am at going to the toilet in different places, but she only seems to notice when I do it on the balcony, so that's the only time I get treats.

I can't wait until I don't have to stay in the kitchen all day, then I can go to the toilet right by the front door, so that will be the very first thing she sees when she gets home from work - I know she'll be really, really impressed, and I'm sure to get extra-special treats!

As it happens, I am not only the most intelligent puppy in the universe, I am also the most versatile. Tonight I showed my human how good I am at unravelling rugs.

She was so impressed that she sprayed the edges of the rug with puppy attractant. She must have been hoping I would work on the rest of the rug.

I considered continuing to unravel the rug, but I think I'm ready for a bigger challenge now. I've decided my next work of art will be to unravel the couch.

I'm such a talented puppy!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Still a Good Puppy

I never go places I'm not supposed to.

Or steal things.

Or try to get stuff off the coffee table.

I would never do that.

I like to keep watch against that sort of thing.

Because I am a Good Puppy.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Today I've been practicing my barking. My cousins Bertie and Oliver do it a lot, especially at other dogs, and at noises, and at just everything, and I've got a lot of catching up to do if I want to be as good as them.

I started my barking practice this morning at the beach. We went to Williamstown Beach for a walk below the high-tide mark. I love it there, I ran all the way up to the far end of the beach, and all the way back down again. I only stopped to bark at a dog that was swimming and came up to say hello, and I also took a break to stare fixedly at the seagulls. There was a big tractor thing making the sand all flat, but I didn't pay any attention to that, I see bigger and noisier things like trucks and trams when we go for walks near my house.

My balcony is one of my favourite places. It's exactly Sasha-sized, and even though it's concrete right at the bottom, it's got grass on it for me to play on and pull apart. I like to pull it up and eat it. My human says I'm part Schnauzer and part Lawnmower. I'm not sure I know that second breed, but it must be good if I'm one of them.

I like to take my toys out there, and the other day when my human gave me some chicken necks for lunch, I snuck them out onto the balcony to eat.

I was out on the balcony this afternoon, and some pigeons flew overhead, so I barked at them. Then some leaves made a scratching noise on the pavement downstairs, so I barked at them too. And then some people went past, talking, so I barked at them. I also barked at the puppy in the reflection in the balcony door.

Then the man across the street started to practice his opera singing, and I didn't bark at him, but I gave my human a very concerned look.

A bit later I came inside and barked at my human. For some reason, she started clicking me and giving me a treat when I barked. She seems to want to encourage me to bark. She said something about training me to bark on command so then I won't bark when she doesn't tell me to. Whatever... as long as I get treats, I'll bark whenever she wants.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Queen of Kong

My human gives me most of my meals in Kongs. It's supposed to teach me to chew on Kongs, so then I don't chew on other things like the Three C's (couches, carpets and clothes). Or the Three H's (hair, hands and humans).

I get a fresh one and a frozen one each for breakfast and for lunch, when my human is out during the day. My Uncle Brendan has been coming to my house during the day to give me my lunch Kongs. The frozen one is supposed to keep me amused for longer so I don't get bored when I'm by myself.

My human thinks it's a good thing if I eat a bit slower, too, but I'm really, really good at getting the food out of the Kong - it only takes me a few minutes. I pick it up and throw it all over the place, and the food just comes out. Sometimes I throw it at the wall, then it bounces twice, once off the wall and once off the floor, so twice as much food comes out. And also then the Kong comes back to me, so I don't have to chase it around.

Uncle Brendan calls me Kongasaurus.