Friday, January 4, 2013

Hot, hot, hot!

Hi everyone

It's been really hot today - 41 degrees! (that's 106 fahrenheit, for those of you in the middle of winter!)

We went for a very quick early-morning walk, when it was only 30 (86) degrees, then our human decided to take us to the beach in the afternoon at low tide (that's when there's lots of lovely sand to run on, and lots of little channels of water to splash in).

She took us in the car - even though the beach is only a 5 min walk away (well, 15 mins if Trixie decides to sniff everything on the way). She decided that, because Trixie is still a puppy, and she's a bit hairy at the moment, and coz her hair is a heat-attracting black, we'd be better off being a bit air-conditioned on the way there. (It takes about 5 mins to drive there, because the car won't fit in the walkway over the railway track that we use when we're on foot.)

Once we got there, there was no wind! Then there was lots and lots of wind, and it was all hot, hot, hot! And our human decided that if it was so hot that we shouldn't walk 10 mins to the beach, then probably we shouldn't have come at all. So she said we'd only stay a little while.

We didn't care, once we got into the water, it was deliciously cool, and we did lots of wading and swimming.

Trixie is a superb swimmer, even though she only learned how to do it yesterday. Our human calls her Tresther Williams.

Look how lovely and clear the water is!

We frolicked.

This is officially a dog beach - the human-only-no-dogs beach is a kilometre or so away.

Some humans come here without dogs (but with chairs).

Some humans come with giant bags full of treats and generously leave them on the beach for certain pups (called Sasha) who might come along and shove their schnozzes in to see what they can find, and who then might scamper off down the beach so their humans can't catch them before they eat the treats they stole availed themselves of.

Other humans leave their shoes and shirts on the beach for certain other pups (also called Sasha) to mark their territory on.

For some reason, right after that, our human decided it was time for us to go home.

That's ok - we know we're going back tomorrow (and it'll be a lot cooler, too, so we can stay for longer)!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wranglers of the lost bathmat

We've had a "situation" in the house... look, do you see?

Perhaps these next few pictures will better illustrate the problem:

That's right - the bathmat keeps escaping! - did you see how it was getting into the back yard through the dog door?

Sometimes it goes into the lounge room and tries to steal our toys!

So we've been doing some bathmat wrangling!

Here's Trixie catching it just before it sneaks out the back.

This time it made it as far as the yard.

Here's the time we caught it in the lounge room... just as it was about to make off with squeaky chicken...

Trixie soon showed it what's what! Hey, you sneaky bathmat, that's our squeaky chicken! (even if it doesn't really squeak any more - still ours!)

Finally, we trained it properly... though sometimes we have to it on it to remind it where it belongs.

But then guess what happened... our human bought a new bathmat!

(Sigh) A puppy's work is never done.