Monday, December 28, 2009

Stuff that's not good for dogs (or cats)

My human recently bought a book called Poisonous2Pets.

It has loads of information about plants that dogs (and cats) shouldn't chew on. My human thought it would be a good reference, because even though we don't have a garden, I do enjoy a spot of grazing in the park. Also, if we ever get a garden, my human can use it to plan what to plant (and what to not plant).

She thinks it's a good book, except that apparently everything I like to sample is poisonous! (though sometimes not really, really poisonous, just a bit sickie-making if I eat too much).

Anyway, I thought that other dogs and cats might like to know about it. It's an Australian book, but it's about plants all around the world - so some of my overseas friends might be interested, too!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Firstly, I'd like apologise for the lateness of this post - my lazy human couldn't help me get the photos out of the camera because she was too "busy" reading her book in the bath or sleeping on the couch! (Actually, I think she's jealous because I got so many cool presents...)

Firstly, my pals Max & JD sent their humans to Egypt to commission this beautiful bandana for me, with my name spelled out in hieroglyphs!

Don't I look beautiful! They also gave me a matching pink loofah dog (there's a picture of it further down).

My human's sister gave my human a Doog doggy walking set. (I know she really meant it for me...)

It has a waistbelt for holding poo-bags and hand wipes and lots of treats, and a matching collar and leash. And the leash clips onto the belt, so my human can keep her hands free for giving me treats.

I also got this lovely green, glittery nametag, which matches my green harness, so now I'm all colour-coordinated.

A giant chewbone.

A giant chewbone and a hamster.

A giant chewbone and a hamster and a pink loofah dog.

Where to start...?

I had such a great Xmas ... plus I won some prizes in JD & Max's Bootielicious competition - I am busy preparing my acceptance speech, and will post it soon!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Sasha and Santapaws...

... wish everyone a Merry Day!

This is me wishing you Merry Me last year...

I'm still cute, and just as merry!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tummy-tickle Thursday, Friday, Saturday...

I've instituted a strict rule whereby a tummy tickle must take place every single morning before my human leaves the house. This is for my human's own good - after all, if she can't find five minutes in the morning to tickle her puppy's tummy, then that doesn't bode well for the rest of her day!

Of course, that doesn't mean she must limit herself to one tummy tickle per day. A tummy tickle also takes place every night, upon arriving home from work. And of course, random tummy tickles often occur during the evening.

I've been training my human to tummy-tickle me to sleep, in bed after she turns out the light - and what better way to wake up in the morning, but with a gentle tummy tickle? There are so many opportunities for a puppy to contribute to her human's well-being through the magic of tummy tickles.

Of course, it's important to give your human the right signals, so she knows exactly what to do. Here's my classic "you may tickle me now" pose.

I'm ready for my tummy tickle, Mr DeMille!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another kind of booty!

A while ago, my bestest friends JD & Max sent me a special present, to celebrate their 100th post.

They sent it by sea male, instead of by air male, and it turns out those boy fishes are a lot lazier than boy birds, because the parcel only arrived the other day!

What's this on the box? Someone's opened my parcel before me! It was the quarantine man. He's very strict.

He put a brochure and a letter inside.

Look at all the things you can't post to Australia!

What? - "no pet food including canned and dried food and supplements"... what's going on with that? The letter said the quarantine man took out some treats, and he's going to destroy them! My treats! Those were mine!

I'm still upset about the treats, but let's look at what didn't get quarantined.

There's a Happy Birthday bag on top - ooh! JD and Max remembered my birthday!

What did they give me for my birthday?

A squeaky heart and a bling collar!

What do you think? Does this make me look more sophisticated?

This is a very good heart - it has ropes *and* a squeaker.

Actually, I don't mind so much about the treats now, this paper is quite tasty.

Look at what else was in the box!

A cushion for me to sit on while my human does things for me, and an apron for my human to wear while she prepares my meals, and a tote bag for my human to carry my things around in, and a journal for my human to write about how fabulous I am, and a mat for my human to feed me mice off of, and a coaster to remind my human about the rules.

Yes, I think this will be very comfortable

Now, let's take a closer look at that coaster. This is wonderful! Now my human will finally understand the Schnauzer Rules!

Thank you, Max & JD, for your wonderful gifts, they are fabulous, and perfect for making sure my human takes good care of me!

PS I just realised I did my 100th post the other day - it was my Bootie Call post!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Today is the first anniversary of the day my human and I moved in together!

Here's how it all began...

My sisters and I, where we were born.

Wrangling my human, after I first chose her.

Pick-up day.

Come on, human, pick me up already!

My new home.

Being cute.

Kicking back.

Kicking up.

Defending against the rogue rug.



Mastering the kong.

Sasha bunny.

Footwear critic.

Meet the sheep.

Flying puppy.

Glamour puppy.

Happy, happy puppy!

I know the next year my human and I spend together will be as wonderful as this year has been!