Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Water, water, all around - the Queensland RSPCA Flood Crisis Appeal

Hello everypup

Last year finished very sadly, and I was hoping to start this year on a happy note, but a sad thing is happening to lots of pups and kitties in Queensland right now, and I wanted to let you know about it.

You may have seen reports about the flooding happening in Queensland right now, on the interwebs or the noisy box. A lot of it is happening in the area I drove through with my human on our road trip last year.

In some places the floods are happening so fast that the humans don't have time to move their livestock to somewhere safe, and often the humans have to be evacuated by helicopter. When that happens, they can't take their pets with them, because there's not enough room. There's a news report about it here. It's from a few days ago, before all the new flooding started, so the situation is much worse now.

The RSPCA in Queensland is working very hard to try to make as many pets, livestock and wildlife as safe as they can. But they desperately need donations to keep going, and hopefully be able to reunite lots of pups and kitties with their humans after the disaster is over.

I've asked my human to make a donation, and if anypup on the interwebs wants to make a donation as well, you can do it via the RSPCA website.

PS - Some pups have asked about my puppy relatives in Queensland - well, my cousins Heidi and Lexi, in the Sunshine Coast, are ok for the time being, and my cousin Muffin, who moved Brisbane last year, is safe at home - her human can't get to work because of the flooding, but they live high enough that they should be ok.