Saturday, June 25, 2011

Movin' on up, movin' on out!

Hello everyone!

I've been trying to whip my human into shape, and I've managed to get some time on the computer.

We're going to have a few changes around here soon, and I don't just mean me changing from gorgeous...

... to utterly gorgeous...

My human keeps making lists and checking them twice. And she's been opening cupboards and putting lots of stuff into giant rubbish bags.

And she keeps saying mysterious things like "when we move to the new house kennel, you'll have your own back yard that you can go into whenever you want" and "we can walk on the beach all the time".

I'm not too sure how I will like living in a new kennel, because apart from the kennel I was born in (my breeder had a whole bedroom put aside for puppies, and a puppy run in the yard and everything), I've never lived anywhere but my apartment kennel with my human. I did like staying in my Grand(hu)ma's giant house kennel when we did our road trip to Queensland last year, and I like visiting my doggy friends who live in house kennels.

Obviously I'd like a larger kennel - my human wouldn't get under my paws all the time. And a kennel with a yard would be good too, I could spend my days schnoozling in the sun and digging things up.

My human says we will be moving in a couple of months, and in the meantime she is going to go through the cupboards and throw a lot of stuff out. I don't understand why she didn't throw all that stuff out instead of putting it in the cupboard in the first place...

Humans are weird.

The good news is that we had the Winter Solstice the other day, so now our days are getting longer again - since then, each day has been a few seconds longer than the day before. My human hopes this means that soon we will be able to have at least one walk a day that's not in the pitch black! (She has to bring a torch on our walks - in the mornings so the cyclists in the park can see us and not run us over, and in the evenings so she can see what I'm doing!)

Hopefully I will be able to get more time on the computer, now that my human is busy throwing things out. And now the days are getting longer, my human might be able to take more pictures of me!