Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunny Saturday and Wet Wunday

Yesterday it was lovely and warm (30 degrees C, or 85 F), so we went to the beach.

I made some friends and did some digging.

My new beach friends Hershey and Harley helped me. They're sister and brother Miniature Schnauzers from the same litter, but Hershey is smaller than me, and Harley is as big as my cousin Bertie!

I did some straight-leg floppy-ear running.

I found a starfish.

And I took in the view.

It was a really good day, apart from the bath when we got home.

Today it rained.

My human got so wet! She was wearing a raincoat and a sou'wester, but she still got soaked. I wore my raincoat, so I only got wet on my underneath, from running through the grass.

See how I'm reflected in the ground! That shiny thing on the right is a raindrop that got caught in the flash.

Tomorrow is the last day of summer. Yesterday we were at the beach, and today it feels like it's already winter...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Domes of Doom

Nopup would have believed in the early hours of this morning that there were going to be these weird Domes of Doom in the park! I barked at them.

They slowly grew and grew, larger and larger... Ulla! Ulla! they screamed. Or maybe it was a loud hissing noise, I forget. I continued to bark at them.

Anyway, then they puffed right up, and flew away, just like that! Because I barked at them!

I protected the earth from the evil Domes of Doom! It was me! Just so you know.

I also regularly protect my neighbourhood from horse-and-carriages - when they come by I bark at them and then they leave, completely intimidated by my fierceness. I've had 100% success rate at chasing them away, so far!

PS I'd like to apologise for the appalling quality of the photos - my human claims there isn't enough space in my treat pouch to fit in a real camera with her morning banana, so she has to use her stoopid phone camera which is not nearly the quality I require to enhance my scintillating narrative. And she never gives me any of the banana. Well, she gives me the last little end bit, but it's not enough, it's just not enough!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whacky Wednesday

Hi everyone

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while - I blame my lazy human!

Anyway, I wanted to show you a picture of my new friend Indie. She's a rescue dog, and she's the same age as her sister Phoebe, who's a miniature Schnauzer just like me! I don't have a picture of Phoebe, because my human is really slow with dragging her phone out of her pocket and getting the camera bit to work.

But she did get this picture of Indie, who has the most amazingly long tongue, and even Indie's human's not sure how she fits it all into her mouth! But I know how she manages... she doesn't keep it in her mouth at all, she lets it hang out all the time!