Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Sports Report

Sasha: We haven't been around for a while.

Rupert: Yes we have, we've been right here!

Sasha: (Sigh...) Oh, alright, I meant we haven't blogged for a while.

Rupert: Duh! Everyone knows that!

Sasha: ... anyway... it wasn't our fault, it was our stoopid human. First she got a sickie in her head.

Rupert: You mean she went insane?

Sasha: No... well, no more than usual, anyway.

Rupert: Was that when she spent the whole weekend lying on the couch?

Sasha: No, the head sickie was when she snored really loudly all night.

Rupert: And you had to bark at her to wake her up so we could get some sleep!

Sasha: That's right. Then she got the sickie in her chest...

Rupert: ...and she spent the whole weekend lying on the couch.

Sasha: Yes. And that put her back out.

Rupert: She's been moaning and complaining all over the place - more than usual, I mean.

Sasha: And she can't easily bend down to put our leashes back on at the park.

Rupert: Is that why you always dart away as soon as she gets within reach of you?

Sasha: Yes - that's so much fun!

Rupert: Anyway, we don't want everyone to think we've just been lying around on the couch like our human.

Sasha: No, indeed! We are two very active and dynamic puppies.

Rupert: So we're going to do a special Sunday Sports Report for you.

Sasha: We'd like to introduce you to the highly competitive sport of synchronised sleeping.

Rupert: It requires a high level of concentration and co-ordination.

Sasha: And of course, a lot of practice!

Position One - Simple Snooze

Position Two - Mirror Microsleep

Position Three - Double-Diagonal Doze

Position Four - Snuggle Slumber (Advanced)

Position 4 - Snuggle Slumber (Lateral View)

Sasha: We are very dedicated, and intend to do as much practice as doggily possible!