Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scarlet Puppynickel - pocket edition...

It's not my fault if I ... er ... if the Scarlet Puppynickel got the midnight munchies and jumped off the bed crept into the bedroom and helped myself himself to the treats in my human's pocket.

And it's certainly not my fault if my human is too lazy to fold her clothes, and then the pocket opening was difficult to find, and then I ... er ... the Scarlet Puppynickel had to make my his own openings. It was really hard work!

See, I have no interest in pockets full of holes - no interest whatsoever!

Particularly when there are no treats left.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Top pup

I've entered in Mango Minster 2010!

I'm going for the Cracker Dog Insane Terriers (CDIT) category. Here's my entry photo.

This is my first big show - I'm very excited and just a little bit nervous - there are so many other puppies entering... Hopefully I'll get lots of votes!

Saturday, January 9, 2010



I'm Dr Sasha Kennel, renowned puppy surgeon.

Although, in general, I like to keep my days full by sleeping, looking after my human, sleeping, eating, sleeping, getting tummy tickles, sleeping, going for walks and sleeping, I think it's important to also have a hobby.

Whenever my human selfishly abandons me goes to work, or busies herself with some frivolous nonsense the housework, I like to while away the endless hours take advantage of the few quiet moments to look to the health of my stuffies.

I'm a great stuffitarian, and I hate to see them in pain. And while I prefer non-invasive treatments, such as tummy-tickles (for me), sometimes I have no alternative but to operate.

This is my racoon stuffy. Initially I denasalled him - you can see where my human, somewhat misguidedly, stitched him up again. Unfortunately, his dacronian pressure, which had been relieved by the initial denasalment, increased to unacceptable levels, and I was forced to perform a disentailment.

My star stuffy is quite new, and one day after my human told me off for eating the table, I sought peace and quiet by providing star with a badly-needed pointillism.

Here are some examples of my earlier work...




I've been paying special attention to some recent arrivals from England (sent to me by the lovely JD & Max). Because of the long and arduous journey these stuffies had to suffer, I've been making sure their health is completely up to scratch.

I performed a disenropement on heart stuffy.

And a de-eyement on pink loofah dog. As you can see, the underlying problem was a sticky-out-thingy in its brain.

Recently I had to do some serious work on one of my oldest and closest friends, who I've had since I was a tiny (and cute) puppy... monkey.

After careful consideration I came to the conclusion that the only way to save monkey was to disarm him - and you can see how successful the operation was.

Puppies often ask my why it seems that there is less stuffing left over after an operation than they would expect. That is because of the peculiar nature of dacron, and the fact that when it is released into normal atmospheric pressure it fills less volume than when it is confined within a stuffy.

I'm also asked why it is that the day after I perform an operation, my poo comes out white and fluffy. Well, that's not a mystery at all - it's due to Clean Living, a Pure Soul, and performing Good Works on stuffies.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'd like to thank the Adogemy...

I recently entered Max & JD's Bootielicious competition - and I won two prizes!

I am delighted to have done so well, the competition was extremely tough - there's some very high-quality bootie out there!

I came second in the Fluffy Butt category...

... and this is my winning action shot in the Bottoms Up category!

I want to thank all the puppies and kitties out there who voted for me; all my competitors for making it such an exciting competition; the guest commentators for their fabulous commentaries; ... and of course the lovely JD & Max for organising such a great competition in the first place!

And now, it's back to bootie exercises for me...

... there's no rest for the licious!