Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beach puppy

The weather was beautiful on the weekend, so we went to the beach... the dog beach, that is...

All this, just for dogs! (Well, we let some humans come along, too.)

Whoops, got a bit of sand in my beard!

Just a touch, see?

Hmm... how to get rid of it? I know, I'll wipe it off on this bit of sand, here.

That's better.


Now I shall forge my way across the endless sea...


JD and Max said...

Oh SASHA - we're so in love, sigh...!

You look gorgeous with your sandy woozle - you're so clever, knowing JUST how to clean the sand off - he he he!

The water looks so clear - we simply adore that last photo of you wading into the sea.

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Nellie, Yuchie, Calvert and Bailey said...


You look amazing in these photos! How lucky that dogs have a beach all of their own where you live. Nothing like that in NY.

That last photo is a killer! Imagine all the fun we'd all have playing with you in that lovely water.

I'm sure you had the time of your life. Winter in NY keeps us indoors a bit more, so we look forward to your outdoor shots.

Keep them coming!

Nellie & Calvert

Diana Chiew said...

You're so brave to forge your way across the endless sea...I wouldn't even want to get near the water. All the time I just want to stay in my Mummy's arms.

- Santa

Unknown said...

Ooh - what great beach pictures! That looks like a fantastic beach - so much SPACE to RUN!!! (What are those tall spikey things in the background in the 1st picture??)

Honey the Great Dane

Oskar said...

I know JD & Max are hoping that you are trying to swim to them!