Sunday, March 14, 2010

Houndstooth is a way of life

I had a haircut yesterday - and I look gorgeous (of course)!

I've been developing a lighter patch on one of my sides, just for fun, and this is what it looked like after my clip - it's a houndstooth pattern!

I'm hoping to extend it over my whole body...

... then I can fulfil my lifelong ambition of being a spokespuppy for David Jones.

We asked the groomer to give me a shorter face clip than usual, so my human can see my eyes under my eyebrows.

But now my head looks too small for my body, and my human suggests that perhaps I could consider eating less. I have no idea what that even means!


... I'm perfect the way I am!


JD and Max said...

Oh Sasha - that last photo, we could gaze forever into your beautiful eyes, sigh....!

Hey, you are pure couture and we LOVE it! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Unknown said...

Spokes puppy, dream job for a dreamy dog.

Oskar said...

You are always the stylish trend setter!

Such a pretty girl!

Unknown said...

Oh Sasha - you look GORGEOUS, dahling!! I love your new shorter clip and - wow - you have designer-patterned fur?! How cool is that!!

Honey the Great Dane

parlance said...

Sasha, it's so nice to see your beautiful eyes so clearly.

Kaiser the Schnauzer said...

Great pics Sasha, we love your new pattern. very cool.