Monday, May 10, 2010

Trails & tripulations: Kibble, kibble, all around...

Today we drove from Forbes to Goondiwindi (the humans pronounce it Gundawindy, or Gundy for short, for some reason).

It was about 650 kms, you can see it on this map. The red flag on the coast is where we are going tomorrow - where my Grand(hu)ma lives.

This is the view from the back door of our motel room, in Forbes, this morning. That grassy area is an old bowls green, and the motel man put us in this room so I could have a run around when I wanted.

From Forbes, we went to Dubbo. We found a very nice park to stop at, with a good steep hill to go down.

And some pretty water at the bottom.

Yesterday the road was mainly flat, but this morning it was all rolling hills and bushland. We drove for miles and miles without seeing any towns, and there were only a few properties - you can tell because there's a dirt driveway and a letterbox, and that's it.

Our next big stop was at Coonabarabran. It was very pretty and autumnal.

How many ducks does it take to cross the road? I think it must be 10, because there are nine there and they are all waiting. I hope the other duck turns up soon, because the Rescue Squad needs to be fully ducked at all times!

When we got to Narrabri, the land turned flat, and then we were driving for miles and miles where there was nothing but flatness and the road was straight, and all there was around us was a train track going along the side of the road, the occasional grain silo, and heat-haze all around.

My human said it was difficult to tell if you could pass the road trains (they're giant trucks), because of the heat-haze - you couldn't always tell if there was something coming in the opposite direction, and if there was, you couldn't tell how far away it was. She says that's why we're driving with our headlights on even during the day, so other cars can see us coming and don't crash into us.

We finally arrived at Goondiwindi. My human ordered room service, and I got... kibble... for dinner... What?? I don't get kibble for dinner, only for breakfast!

For dinner I prefer 4-legs, or chicken necks, or sardines, or chicken and vegetables, or chicken and rice. Not kibble. I thought it was a mistake last night when my human gave me kibble for dinner. I didn't want to say anything, because I thought she might have been too tired, and that's why I got kibble. I also didn't eat it.

But then she gave me kibble for dinner tonight. Hey, human! How about planning ahead better and staying in a better-quality place where you can cook me the dinners to which I deserve to be accustomed! Well, of course I ate the kibble, because I'm a well-mannered little puppy, and also I was hungry. And then she gave me a few green beans and a piece of carrot from her room service meal. So that was ok.

I hope she's not planning on giving me only kibble for the rest of the trip!


JD and Max said...

Hi Sasha - we sure hope the tenth duckie turned up! We're glad your trip is now over though as we hope you're having yummier food than kibble, he he he! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Oskar said...

Kibbles only...that's all I ever get. I must call a meeting with me people immediatly!

Your country sure has some funny names in it!