Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hi everyone

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, but it's totally not my fault. It's because of the aliens.

I was just innocently walking in the park the other day, when I spotted three mysterious specks in the sky.

I immediately alerted my human to the imminent invasion, and kept careful watch on the approaching craft.

They got bigger and closer and lower - aliens! I wondered if Groucho was with them...

Then they started breathing fire...

OMD, it's alive!

I think they're going to land... I'd better try to make myself unappetising, in case they're hungry.

Wait - that will never work! I'm just too darned gorgeous - and tasty! I'll try hiding instead - they won't think of looking for me behind this grass...

See - it's a good spot... whoops!

Oh, look, they're collapsing from hunger!

Hmmm... this alien seems to be very interested in those humans!

It looks like the aliens are eating the humans - you can see them in its stomach, and there's one standing foolishly close to its mouth... gullible humans!

I was very pleased the aliens turned out to be humanivorous and not puppyvorous - you can't be too careful about these things!

While the aliens were distracted with those other humans, I took my human home immediately - I still need her to make my dinner!


JD and Max said...

Oh my dogness Sasha, that was such a close call! We were wondering where our gorgeous pin-up had been - we're glad you reacted so quickly with those aliens around, phew! We're sure that Groucho's legion would be fun aliens but those fire breathing beasts - gasp! - looked very dangerous to us! We're glad you and your human are both safe, all thanks to your quick-thinking. You're SUCH a brave puppy Sasha - sigh.....! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Oskar said...

Your quick wit & gorgeous reflexes totally saved you!

A lesser dog, less experienced and familiar with Groucho may not have fared as well.



Unknown said...

Oh Sasha - I'm so sorry I haven't visited for a while - my stupid human has been so busy makign Dead Lines that she hasn't had any time to help me with my blog or visiting friends!

Anyway, I thought you were so brave with the scary aliens - but I had to laugh at your comment about them collapsing in hunger!! :-)

Honey the Great Dane