Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ingress, egress, dogress

My human has arranged for me to have a private entrance onto my balcony.

It works both ways.

I like it.


Oskar said...

Lucky! I'm not allowed to have one because of the stupid cats that live here!

My mom person says "They're indoor cats, they'd get killed outside"!

How does she not see the beauty in this?

JD and Max said...

We're quite envious. Our humans bought us a puppy door about a month ago - we know, we've seen it in the garage! It's still there, still its box - a door to nowhere, taunting us.... We're hopeful that your happy photos might finally push our lazy humans into actually getting it out of the box and installing it for us.... After all, why have humans if they're not prepared to serve our every whim...?! Much affection - JD and Max