Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My left paw

My left paw is very important. When something catches my attention, I point at it in case something else comes along to distract me. That way I can remember what I was looking at first because my left paw is still pointing at it.


JD and Max said...

Our female human says our paws are adorable and remind her of muppet feet! Isn't it great to have such cute paws? Tail wags - JD and Max.

Oskar said...

Ooh, very smart I say.

I do wish here in America the random chopping off of our parts was illegal.

My mom person did have me get The Operation too. She said I didn't need my "Oskar Berries" & assures me I'm a much happier dog because of it.

JD and Max said...

In the UK they (the vet-type people) don't like us having 'the op' until we're at least 8 months old. So we have 2 months left to 'sow our wild oats' - whatever the heck that means! We're too young to understand it all - and our humans won't give us the details....!

Sasha said...

My breeder said that my line "matures" around 5 to 5 1/2 months... whatever that means (I think I've always been very mature).

So we decided to have The Operation a bit early. The vet was ok with it, because here they recommend it from six months on anyway.

By the way, boys, my birthday is the 8th October, so you are only four days older than me - happy six months old for tomorrow!

My human's mother is coming down from Queensland to visit us next week (mainly to see me, her grandpuppy). I sent her an email asking her if she was going to bring me lots of presents for my birthday. I hope she does!

JD and Max said...

Hi Sasha - our humans really want us to have 'the op' asap so are counting the days until they get the go-ahead! The words 'calmer' and 'quietier' and 'less fighting' keep on being bandied around, we wondered what it was all about so were soothed by Oskar's wise comments - if he's a happier dog then we have confidence in the system!

We're very excited about our 6 month birthday as we're expecting lots of treats. Quite a few large parcels arrived today - we think one of them is Max's sofa (which obvioulsy shouldn't count as a birthday present because he knew he was getting it!) but our lazy humans haven't even opened these parcels yet. I mean, why have a human and walk yourself - that's what we're always saying....! On the plus side our male human has mentioned the word 'cake' several times, so our expectations for a fun birthday are quite high.

We hope you get a lot of pressies from your human's mum when she visits you - she's got the cutest grandpuppy ever, we're both not very secretly in love with you (so before you had your op our humans used to say it was a good job there was a big ocean between us - they haven't mentioned this since you said you've had the op - I wonder why that is....?)

With complete devotion - JD and Max