Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sasha's Superior Interior Dogoration Services

Tired of the way your home looks?

Want something different but not sure what?

Let Sasha's Superior Interior Dogoration Services help you!

Just leave our fully-qualified consultant alone in your home for one day, and you won't recognise it when you return!

This room was once boring and clean - but then Sasha applied her magic, and voilĂ !

You may remember this red rug from a previous post - all flat and uninspiring. Sasha set to work, and look at the transformation!

Hi, I'm Sasha.

My human has some serious clutterisation issues. She keeps piles of paper with recipes printed on them, just sitting in her bookshelf, taking up space. I decided to help her with that - as you can see in the picture above, I have taken a carefully-chosen selection, and transformed them from boring clutter into spectacular dogoration!

So many people don't take advantage of the creative potential of their homes ... I can help!

Wicker items annoyingly solid? Can't see through them? Sasha's Wicker Solutions can assist!

The artist at work.

Rugs distressingly round? No problem, just call Sasha!

Rogue tissues in need of taming? Call Sasha!

Call now and receive a Mysterious Carpet Stain at no extra cost!

1 comment:

JD and Max said...

Oh wow - we bet the value of your human's appartment has skyrocketed! Fantasticly inspiring transformation Sasha - you're work is simply pawsome!!