Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A cure!

I blogged recently about my debilitating pawicap - Selective Hearing.

I've had so many comments from other puppies who suffer from the same affliction that I feel much better about my decision to bring it into the open and discuss it.

Then the wise and beautiful Honey commented that it is possible to cure Selective Hearing - with hard work and patience!

She said:
Your humans have to do this thing called 'Training' with you and do it often - like a little bit everyday if they can - and they also have to become Dr. Consistent and Dr. Persistent, and be very patient about repeating things with you, gentle but firm, since Selective Hearing stops you learning things quickly...and then you will find that you WILL be able to hear them after all, even if you are suffering from Selective Hearing! It's more a mind disease than an ear disease, I think, but once your brain realises you can't get away with it, then Selective Hearing gets better!

My human laughed and laughed when I showed her Honey's comment - she said that was one of the reasons why we've been doing a lot more training recently, because I had got out of the habit of doing what I was told, and she thinks that practicing every day will get me back into the habit.

I thought we were doing more training because my human loves to spend time with me and she also wants to help me earn liver treats. But, of course she loves to spend time with me, and wants to help me earn liver treats, so I think she's making up the bit about good habits - I always do what I'm told, unless I can't hear her, of course. Or if I don't want to.

Our training sessions almost never end because of Selective Hearing, either. It's usually because I steal the clicker and run off with it. Or sometimes I have a Puppy Moment. That's when I just sit there with a big smile, looking amazingly cute, but don't understand anything at all my human says to me. Actually, that almost sounds like another pawicap...


JD and Max said...

Hi Sasha - we were amazed to hear the news as we never suffer from selective hearing when it's you talking of course!) that there is a cure. Honey is as wise as she is beautiful - who'd have thought a mere human could help with overcoming this affliction - good on Honey for figuring it out!! Tail wags - JD and Max.

Ziggy Stardust said...

To Sasha from Sasha, please don't allow your Mom to post any advice like this. We need to use our selective hearing and I don't want my Mom getting any ideas. It is always nice to visit you I do appreciate your advise, I just don't plan to follow it, sorry.

licks and sniffs, Sasha from Michigan

Unknown said...

OH NO!!! Am so embarrassed now!!!!
After having the cheek to tell you how to cure Selective Hearing, I had a terrible relapse yesterday when I was at the TV studios!! And I'm already 5 & half years old!!!! Oh, the shame! I feel so embarrassed now...who am I to talk and give advice??

My human thinks I should just keep my big mouth shut from now on!! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Oskar said...

With all regards to the wonderful Honey, I beleive that selective hearing may be incurable.

JD and Max said...

Hi Sasha - us again! We just wanted to say that there is hope for us all if the lovely, grown up Honey still has relapses of SH - phew! We made sure our human saw her comment - he he he! Snuggles - JD and Max.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sasha! Please don't tell the humans how to cure the selective hearing, we suffer terribly from this and it makes walkies so much more fun! So shhhhh....!

Luv Scotty xxx

JD and Max said...

Hi Sasha - we don't want to alarm you but yes, we think the rouge puppy has indeed gone international. He's rife here in the UK, he's obviously been plaguing you in Australia and we have it on good authority that he's also left his mark in Kuala Lumpur. He's a menace - we think we might have to publish a warning post about him.....! Tail wags - JD and max.