Saturday, July 11, 2009

My terrible affliction

I haven't talked about this before, because it's rather a difficult subject for me, but I suffer from a terrible affliction.

And it's not just me. All around the world, thousands of puppies are affected by the same awful pawicap - Selective Hearing.

Selective Hearing can happen anywhere, anytime, for example, near interesting things, or people, or other puppies, or if it's windy or sunny or rainy, or if it's day or if it's night.

I often suffer from it when I'm stripping gum nuts off branches, and also when it's time to put my leash back on in the park. And when I'm doing something that perhaps I'm not supposed to be doing - only I can't tell I'm not supposed to be doing it because I can't hear my human.

I'm fairly sure there's no cure for Selective Hearing - if there is, I've never managed to hear my human telling me what it is. So I will just struggle on and try to live as full a life as I can, under the shadow of this terrible pawicap, as so many other puppies have done before me.


Ziggy Stardust said...

Oh dear I have a severe case of this. I am so glad to know that I am not alone. Thank you for having the courage to share that.

licks and sniffs, Sasha from Michigan

JD and Max said...

Oh Sasha, you are indeed courageous! Not only to you have the strength to admit to this terrible affliction, you selflessly put your story 'out there' in a bid to raise awareness.

Sadly, we feel that it is an affliction that humans do not yet understand. Why, only the other day we were both struck down by a sudden and extremely debilitating attack of selective hearing, when we had both climbed onto our humans sofa in an attempt to reach a yoghurt pot that had been left on a nearby table..... Did they even try to understand this pawicap? No, they did not. They simply scolded us and left us no treats - difficult to believe, we know, but there it is....

We find your openess and bravery inspirational!! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Oskar said...

Oh Sasha, how brave of you to come forward about this affliction. I fear I must admit that, I too, suffer from selective hearing.

They say it very predominant in schnauzers.

Maybe one day we'll have cure, but until then we'll just have to trudge on...

Nellie, Yuchie, Calvert and Bailey said...

Sasha, Oskar is right this really is a terrible pawicap that mostly attacks schnauzers... We are so happy that there are others; I can't wait to show this to our humans!

Perhaps we should start some kind of pawauthon to raise awareness!

Nellie & Calvert

Captain Nemo said...

Hi Sasha - what a brave puppy you are. I hadn't realised how wide-spread this problem was before your post, so thank you for making me aware of it! BFN - Nemo.

Sylvia K said...

Hi Sasha! You are a brave puppy! My name is Sam and you look just like me! I'm so glad you were brave enough to tell us your story!

Sam Schnauzer

jabblog said...

Well done Sasha for confirming what we humans have always suspected. All our dogs have suffered from SH and so have the cats. It's catching, too, even the male humans of the family have it!

magiceye said...

you are absolutely right about the pawicap sasha! even i have the same pawicap of selective hearing and am i glad that i do? ;)

Pet Pride

Unknown said...

Oh Sasha - that is the cutest explanation!! :-) Hee! Hee! Maybe this will make you feel better: I used to suffer from Selective Hearing too when I was younger but it can be treated! Your humans have to do this thing called 'Training' with you and do it often - like a little bit everyday if they can - and they also have to become Dr. Consistent and Dr. Persistent, and be very patient about repeating things with you, gentle but firm, since Selective Hearing stops you learning things quickly...and then you will find that you WILL be able to hear them after all, even if you are suffering from Selective Hearing! It's more a mind disease than an ear disease, I think, but once your brain realises you can't get away with it, then Selective Hearing gets better! :-)

Honey the Great Dane