Monday, September 21, 2009

Mysterious Monday

Mystery Thing... (Hint: it's related to something that needs fixing up around the house.)

And the answer is... it's beard paint!

The paint on the balcony's all peeling off - mainly because I'm helping it. I'm also using my beard to sweep up the loose bits, because I'm such a helpful little puppy.


JD and Max said...

Oh Sasha! You're so helpful - your human is just so lucky to have you around! You know, we actually think it's impossible for you NOT to look gorgeous. Why, even with flaking paint in your woozle you still look wonderful and cute.....sigh!

We're writing this covertly from the corner of the lounge tonight - we're actually in total disgrace after rolling in foxes poo. Oooh, we smelt WONDERFUL but the stoopid humans dunked us in the bath the second we got home and now they're complaining that they can't get rid of the smell. Humph - they just don't appreciate the finer things in life. If they tried it themselves, just took the time to have a darn good roll in the stuff we're sure they'd appreciate just what they're missing....

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Nellie, Yuchie, Calvert and Bailey said...


You're always so helpful... you saw that the balcony needed painting and you started the scraping of the paint; then you cleaned it! Oh my, you work way too hard. I sure hope your humans do the painting, it's the least they can do.

We agree with JD&Max, you're always adorable.... we thinks they have a little crush on you hehehe how could they not! You're irresistible!

Oh when you get a chance, check out this site ( Santa and Minnie are in a contest and the polls opened today! We're sooo excited for them.

Paws out!


Unknown said...

Gosh, Sasha - when I saw the first picture, I thought it was wedding confetti!! :-) I think you would make a very snazzy wedding-planner! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Oskar said...

Woozle paint, I guessed right! I tried to get my woozle white when I was supervising my dad person painting the bathroom. He liked it so much he was shouting!