Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless (But Howlful) Wednesday


JD and Max said...

Oh SASHA!! We are more in love with you than EVER!! What a wonderful photo - kudos to your human for capturing such a wonderful shot, it's superb!

Max has just discovered he can howl and boy, does he LIKE the sound of his own voice!! JD (being the super laid back dude that he is!!) never makes a sound. Well, that said, sometimes (about once every 2 months - it is VERY rare!) he will direct a short, sharp, (and surprisingly deep!) single bark at Max for something or other - and when he does that we all know that, whatever it is he's done, Max has obviously SERIOUSLY stepped over the line....!

Extra snuggly schnauzer snuggles to you - Max and JD (Max wanted to be mentioned first this time.....he he!)

Unknown said...

Oh Sasha - do please blog about your daycare experiences!! I would love to hear more about them - they sound very interesting! (maybe your human can do what mine did which is to take her little compact camera in one day and leave it with the people at daycare and ask them to take lots of photos of me during the day - so then you can have photos to accompany your blog post! If your human explains that it's for a blog and promise to put a link to their website, people are usually very happy to help! :-)

Honey the Great Dane

Bruce said...

Hello Sasha...just came from JD & Max's 100th post celebration. I can see now why you are their true love. You are quite a cutie!
Bruce the cat:)

Oskar said...

Oh I'm a verrry sassy puppy according to my mom person!