Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another kind of booty!

A while ago, my bestest friends JD & Max sent me a special present, to celebrate their 100th post.

They sent it by sea male, instead of by air male, and it turns out those boy fishes are a lot lazier than boy birds, because the parcel only arrived the other day!

What's this on the box? Someone's opened my parcel before me! It was the quarantine man. He's very strict.

He put a brochure and a letter inside.

Look at all the things you can't post to Australia!

What? - "no pet food including canned and dried food and supplements"... what's going on with that? The letter said the quarantine man took out some treats, and he's going to destroy them! My treats! Those were mine!

I'm still upset about the treats, but let's look at what didn't get quarantined.

There's a Happy Birthday bag on top - ooh! JD and Max remembered my birthday!

What did they give me for my birthday?

A squeaky heart and a bling collar!

What do you think? Does this make me look more sophisticated?

This is a very good heart - it has ropes *and* a squeaker.

Actually, I don't mind so much about the treats now, this paper is quite tasty.

Look at what else was in the box!

A cushion for me to sit on while my human does things for me, and an apron for my human to wear while she prepares my meals, and a tote bag for my human to carry my things around in, and a journal for my human to write about how fabulous I am, and a mat for my human to feed me mice off of, and a coaster to remind my human about the rules.

Yes, I think this will be very comfortable

Now, let's take a closer look at that coaster. This is wonderful! Now my human will finally understand the Schnauzer Rules!

Thank you, Max & JD, for your wonderful gifts, they are fabulous, and perfect for making sure my human takes good care of me!

PS I just realised I did my 100th post the other day - it was my Bootie Call post!


Diana Chiew said...

What wonderful gifts you got! It's a pity that the quarantine man took your treats. Maybe they are hungry and those treats must be really delicious. JD and Max are such good friends!

The Schnauzer Brothers said...

Hi beautiful Sasha - we're SO glad those male fishes finally got their fins out and FINALLY delivered our parcel.

We're sorry your treats were confiscated - we reckon those humans in customs were a bit peckish and that's the real reason they snarfled your treats. Oh well, we now know not to send you edible goodies.....sigh!

We also got our humans one of those coasters - we're amazed that the Schnauzer Laws are not more univerally realised so we're thinking of contacting parliment to have them formally recognised!

Big schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Cobi said...

Woooo....you look great in your new blink collar. Pink really suits you :)