Thursday, January 1, 2009

Queen of Kong

My human gives me most of my meals in Kongs. It's supposed to teach me to chew on Kongs, so then I don't chew on other things like the Three C's (couches, carpets and clothes). Or the Three H's (hair, hands and humans).

I get a fresh one and a frozen one each for breakfast and for lunch, when my human is out during the day. My Uncle Brendan has been coming to my house during the day to give me my lunch Kongs. The frozen one is supposed to keep me amused for longer so I don't get bored when I'm by myself.

My human thinks it's a good thing if I eat a bit slower, too, but I'm really, really good at getting the food out of the Kong - it only takes me a few minutes. I pick it up and throw it all over the place, and the food just comes out. Sometimes I throw it at the wall, then it bounces twice, once off the wall and once off the floor, so twice as much food comes out. And also then the Kong comes back to me, so I don't have to chase it around.

Uncle Brendan calls me Kongasaurus.

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