Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday star!

It was my first birthday last week - now I'm one whole year old, and a very grown-up puppy!

Last night I had my birthday party. My cousins Bertie and Oliver came over, and my human made special birthday party food for us.

We started with chicken cupcakes.

I want to show you the special papers my human got for them - it says "cupcake" on the outside. That means they all belong to me, because my pedigree name is Cupcake!

Then we three puppies had roast vegetable and chicken frittata.

I don't have any pictures of us enjoying the delicious food, because my human forgot to take them - but we enjoyed it... lots!

The humans had roast vegetable frittata without chicken, because one of Bertie and Oliver's humans doesn't eat meat, which we don't mind because it means more for us! I don't have a photo of their frittata, because my human forgot to take a picture of it, but it looked really funny because it fell apart all over the place. Probably because it didn't have chicken holding it together.

Here's a picture of the party hats my human got for my party, but forgot to hand out.

It's probably just as well she forgot to hand them out, because she tried to take a picture of me wearing one today, to pretend it was from the other night, only I didn't like it. Here's a picture of me rather emphatically explaining why I won't be wearing it - now or ever!

And now onto the loot... er... generous gifts I received.

My Aunty Freya gave me a giant picture she took of me when I was a teensy puppy, all snoozily on the beautiful fluffy purple pillow she made for me. I'm going to frame it and hang it somewhere special. I don't get to sleep on that pillow any more, because I like to eat it.

Here's blue loofah dog.

Scary chooken.

It's wearing a bikini and nail polish, and when you bite it, it makes a clucking sound.

A new elephant to replace old elephant - can you tell which is which?

When you bite elephant, he squeaks, and his nose and tail unroll. Unless you chew them off, then they don't unroll any more.

Because I'm a big, grown-up puppy now, I got a new blingy collar and tag.

See how shiny the collar bling is!

My friends JD and Max have sent me a parcel all the way from England - I can't wait for it to arrive! They've posted about one of the things in it, it looks wonderful! I'll be sure to post about it when it arrives!


Diana Chiew said...

That's a great birthday with good food. The roast vegetable and chicken frittata looks yummy....*drool*. Care to share the recipe so that our human can make them for us?

Oskar said...

Oh boy how exciting to have such a wonderful birthday!

I can't believe that the awesome Bertie & Oliver are your cousins and you get to hang out with them.

I hope that your birthday is the start of your best year ever!

HOPE said...

Yummy Birthday happy you enjoyed YOUR DAY!!

Looks like a great bunch of new stuff...and a new collar bling..wowzie..nice!!!

You are a special CUTE!

Paws Up!
(don't tell Nellie I said that!)

JD and Max said...

Hi Cupcake! How YOU doin'? He he he! We love your pedigree name, it really suits you as you're so sweet.

Well, that looked like a superb party - we've drooled all over the keyboard just looking at all that great and seriously yummy food that your staff...erm, sorry, we mean, your human prepared for you all. As Santa and Minnie requested if you could do a 'Sasha's cookery corner' we'd love to share this recipie too!

And Sasha - that photo of you patiently explaining to your human that you will not - now or ever - be wearing that party hat is simply too wondeful for words! Extra big schnauzer snuggles for our favourite grown up girl - JD and Max.

Unknown said...

Oh, I'm sorry I missed your birthday, Sasha - belated Many Happy Returns!! Looks like you had a pawsome party although I have to say, I laughed my head off at your expression in that picture with the party hat...seriously Not Impressed! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Honey the Great Dane