Saturday, December 26, 2009


Firstly, I'd like apologise for the lateness of this post - my lazy human couldn't help me get the photos out of the camera because she was too "busy" reading her book in the bath or sleeping on the couch! (Actually, I think she's jealous because I got so many cool presents...)

Firstly, my pals Max & JD sent their humans to Egypt to commission this beautiful bandana for me, with my name spelled out in hieroglyphs!

Don't I look beautiful! They also gave me a matching pink loofah dog (there's a picture of it further down).

My human's sister gave my human a Doog doggy walking set. (I know she really meant it for me...)

It has a waistbelt for holding poo-bags and hand wipes and lots of treats, and a matching collar and leash. And the leash clips onto the belt, so my human can keep her hands free for giving me treats.

I also got this lovely green, glittery nametag, which matches my green harness, so now I'm all colour-coordinated.

A giant chewbone.

A giant chewbone and a hamster.

A giant chewbone and a hamster and a pink loofah dog.

Where to start...?

I had such a great Xmas ... plus I won some prizes in JD & Max's Bootielicious competition - I am busy preparing my acceptance speech, and will post it soon!

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JD and Max said...

Hi Sasha, you look even more beautiful than we thought was puppily possible in your bandana - you suit pink so well!

We love your - er, we mean, your humans - doggie walking set, it is wonderfully stylish and what a great idea to ensure treats on-tap! Your giant chew bone had us drooling - how did you manage to sit so calmly and pose with it? Your self control is amazing! We're worried though - as it's so large will you be able to find a good place to hide it?

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.