Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh, brother!

Hi everyone

We've had a few changes around here lately.

Well, one change, really...

A few days ago my human came home and said that she had met a doggie who had nowhere to live and no-one to love him, and maybe he could come and live with us. Of course, I immediately insisted on meeting him, so we went right on down to the Lost Dogs Home to see him.

As soon as we met, I knew we would be friends, and...

Rupert: Hello-hello-hello, it's-me it's-me it's-me!

Sasha: (Sigh) His name is Rupert. He's a Schnauzer-cross - I think the cross parts must be gazelle and hog.

Rupert: I'm not a Schnauzer-cross, I'm a Schnauzer-X - that's Schnauzer eXtreme, woohoo!

Sasha: Yes, you are a little hyperactive - and bouncy-bouncy, that's the gazelle part of you.

Rupert: Gazelle, huh? Hmmm... nimble and athletic - that's me! What about the hog bit?

Sasha: You are an attention hog! You are in everyone's face all the time, and have no idea of personal space!

Rupert: I have no idea what you mean.

Sasha: Rupert arrived at the Lost Dogs Home as a stray - he wasn't microchipped, so nobody knew where he came from.

Rupert: That's me - I'm an international pup of mystery!

Sasha: He was extremely skinny. He put on some weight after they started looking after him, but he's still about 2kg underweight. He's almost as tall as my our cousin Bertie, but he weighs less than me! See, those are his ribs and hips sticking out...

Rupert: I prefer to think of myself as stylishly lanky, and... um... well... actually, I'm a bit peckish right now - got anything to eat?

Sasha: Of course, I'm more than happy to share my food with him, and my our human is adding puppy kibble to his meals to help him put on weight. He's about a year old, so he should bounce back very quickly.

Rupert: My skin was a bit dry and itchy, due to eating badly when I was on the lam, but the vet said that it should clear up pretty quickly with premium food and perhaps some olive oil added my food. Ooh, I must say, though, that oatmeal bath our human gave me was really soothing.

Sasha: Rupert, no-one knows where you came from - what do you remember?

Rupert: I remember that it was cold and hungry and lonely. And then I met my new human and gave her lots of kisses, and then I met you and we sniffed and wagged, and played a lot. And now I'm all warm and fed and loved. And I'm quite happy to keep it that way, thank you very much - my life as a down-on-his-luck street-pup is officially over!

Sasha: Rupert is very at-home inside, and loves meeting people and other dogs, so he was obviously well-treated by his first family - but he's completely untrained. He can't even sit!

Rupert: I can so sit! I do it all the time.

Sasha: But not when our human asks you to.

Rupert: Why would I want to do that?

Sasha: To get a treat. Humans like to think they've taught you a trick, even if it's something you do all the time anyway. You do a trick, they give you a treat.

Rupert: I thought it was trick or treat. Let me choose... ummm... trick or treat... trick or treat... I know, I choose treat!

Sasha: It's not optional, they go together. You trick them into giving you a treat for doing something you already knew how to do.

Rupert: Well, I know lots of tricks, I should be raking in the treats!

Sasha: I haven't seen you do a single trick.

Rupert: What about when I tried to steal your dinner off the kitchen table?

Sasha: I don't think that counts.

Rupert: What about the other day, when I jumped on the coffee table and surfed the length of it?

Sasha: Er. Yes. I think some training may be in order.

Rupert: Um.

Sasha: Rupert and I have been playing a lot - look, I'm winning!

Rupert: Now, I'm winning!

Sasha: Whew! I'm pooped after all that playing!

Rupert: Hey, you know what you were saying about me being in your face all the time?

Sasha: Yes, you have no idea that some pups need a bit of personal space. You don't have to always be right on top of me! Why do you ask?

Rupert: Um... no reason.


JD and Max said...

Oh Sasha, we're thrilled for you - THRILLED!! Mainly 'cos we know just HOW wonderful it is to have a brother. Yup, brother's are just the BEST thing ever, he he he!

Hi Rupert - oh, welcome to your new home! We're delighted to make your acquaintence, you couldn't have found yourself a nicer family! We know that Sasha's human is very creative with food - we hear about the yummy things that Sasha gets to eat you see - so we know you're going to be 'filled out' in no time.

Now Rupert, we feel that we need to explain things to you, man to - er, pup! We're sure you're going to be a great little brother to Sasha and would do anything for her - obviously! So we feel it's only right and proper that we let you know that we are totally and utterly in love with your big sister. Our intentions are perfectly honourable of course and we have made a pact that we will never fall out as brothers over her, so we have therefore accepted that we will only ever be friends - sigh....!

We can't wait to hear about all your dual adventures. And isn't it great to always have a snuggle-buddy?! Ah yes, this news has made us very happy indeed!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Unknown said...

Oh my God - a new brother??!! How exciting!!! Rupert is such a handsome doggie - I didn't think he looked like a Schnauzer-cross at all - he looks all Schnauzer to me!! And he is very lucky to have found you, Sasha, and your lovely family. You look like you're going to be the best of friends! :-) And I can see you're already giving him some "training advice" - hee! Hee!

Honey the Great Dane

Cobi said...

Congrats on your new brother. I hope you are having lots of fun with your brother ^^


Eric said...


now u have a companion too =)

hehe its like JD-Max, Bert-Oliver, Minnie-Santa, and of cos, me and Ally!!!


JD and Max said...

Hi Rupert - us again! We would like to ask the following questions if you don't mind:-

Will you and Sasha choose a barkday date for you? We'd love to be able to celebrate your barkday every year!

How tall are you? JD is especially interested - he likes being as tall as Bertie and is excited to possibly meet another schnauzer as tal as he is!

We love your name! Who named you - was it you and Sasha's human or did you already have it when you arrived?

Have you discovered a favourite snack yet? We can recommend cheese, gravy bones, pineapple and watermelon!

Finally, what are your favourite games/toys? We'd LOVE to see a photo of you with Flea!!

Hope you don't mind us asking these questions, we just want to know ALL about you - we're so excited you're going to be one of our bloggie pals, alongside your gorgeous sister Sasha!

Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Unknown said...

Rupert lloks like a wonderful friend for Sasha, I llok forward v mnuch to meeting him.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your new brudder, Sasha! Oh, he is so very much lucky that you adopted him. You're gonna be the best big sister ever and show him all the best stuff abouts being a dog! I can't wait to get to know him better.

Wiggles & Wags,

Oskar said...

Welcome Rupert! The doggie blog world is thrilled to have you. You have gotten a very special sister, so I know you will be well trained on how to trick humans in no time!

I can't wait to learn more about you!

JD and Max said...

Get well soon Rupert! We're sending healing vibes your way - JD & Max