Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Horses and hippos

My human's been keeping me busy, the last few days.

Walks every day, people over for lunch, trips to the pet supplies store for more Urine Off (I don't know why she wants that, the floor smells fine to me - and I can only improve it). Actually, I like going to the pet supplies store, the girls make a big fuss over me and give me treats.

We also went to Royal Park, which is just across the road, and about the right size to be my personal back yard. I wanted to go play in it but I wasn't allowed to. I can't wait to have my two injections so I can go play on the ground, there's so much down there that belongs to me...

On Sunday I went to Bertie and Oliver's birthday party, and I got to taste their cake, it was really yummy!

Today we went to learn about trains. I was a bit scared, but then I got a treat for being so brave, so I stopped being scared. Then we walked along the Moonee Ponds Creek bike path and I saw some ducks and a really enormous dog. I'm sure he was as big as a horse, and I don't even know what a horse is! He wanted to play with me because I'm so cute, but his human wanted to keep going, so we didn't play.

Then we went to Nat's place. It was a really, really long drive, but it was worth it. Her garden is very nice, and big, with lots and lots of plants for me to explore. In fact, there were so many plants, I didn't know which one to eat first!

I was having so much fun I went bounding up all the steps before I even noticed what I was doing. Then I had to figure out how to get down again, but I did it easily because I'm so talented, and also because I've been practising stairs at home with my human. I like the bottom step the best, I can do a really big flying leap from there.

I think Nat is a little disturbed. She kept making funny hissing and growling noises, and capturing my face. But she was very nice, so I let her. I got to show her how clever I am at clicker training, and how I can sit and stand and lie down and look at my human and eat treats.

Nat gave me this really cool blue squeaky hippo, that I played with a lot while I was there, and then later when I got home.

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