Wednesday, December 10, 2008

They call me Green Beard

I had a big day today.

First of all we went for a nice long walk. We met a cat who also likes pats, and who liked me a lot, because I'm so likeable. I didn't mind the cat. Then we met a Whippet, and then Jack Russell-Chihuahua cross playing with a big black Labrador. I learned a lot about playing with big dogs, apparently it involves jumping up and biting them on the face, over and over. I must remember that, so I do it right when I get to play with bigger dogs. Perhaps I shall practice on my big cousin Bertie.

Then we went for a drive to the pet supplies store. We went to Count Dogula's in Moonee Ponds to do some Xmas shopping, and buy a special ball for me. It's a rubbery ball with lots of big holes in it. I love chewing it. Here's a picture of me chewing my new ball and my other ball. They are both my favourites, and I like to chew both of them at once.

The nice lady gave me a Xmas present, and a special bling bag to put all my stuff in. Here's a picture of my bling bag with my new ball in the front, and my googly-eyed cockroach sitting on top of my big purple cushion at the back. I have so many pretty possessions!

We went to PetStock to get a car harness for me. I like PetStock, they give me lots of pats, and I got to chew on the counter phone. I'm not sure I like the harness, but I didn't mind it this afternoon when we practiced wearing it - it came with treats! We also got a bigger Kong - I had half of my lunch and half of my dinner in the Kong, it was heaps of fun trying to get the food out. I pushed it all over the floor, and round and round in circles.

On our afternoon walk, we went past an RACV man helping someone change a tyre. I wanted to get down and help, it looked awfully interesting. I think I might be a mechanic when I grow up.

Then I did some gardening in the kitchen - redesigning the turf. My human gets all excited when I wee on it, she clicks the clicker and gives me treats and extra pats, but I also like to play with it, and pull it to pieces and spread it all over the floor. I'm a great gardener, I have green paws. And green fur. And a green beard. Green bits all over.

I like to help sweeping up the kitchen afterwards, except when the brush accidentally bops me in the head.

I think it's time for a nice nap, now - I deserve it, I'm such a hard-working puppy.


Unknown said...

that ball has my name on it...


Unknown said...

I is cuter than you...

and cats is for eating