Friday, December 12, 2008

Sasha Hari

Yesterday my big cousins Bertie and Oliver came over for a visit. I learned a lot about doggy etiquette.

When I went over to their place for my party the other day, I gave them a visitor's gift of a wee on the kitchen floor, and a poo under the dining table. But when they came over, they had much better presents. Almost as soon as they had arrived Oliver wee'd on the kitchen door, and then Bertie vomited in the lounge and down the hallway. And then he vomited twice more during the visit. That vomit looked really tasty, and I bet it was - but those greedy humans wouldn't let me near it, they kept it all for themselves.

And then Oliver took me into my human's bedroom, where he instructed me in the fine art of wee-ing on the bedroom floor. I actually already knew how to do that, but I appreciated his instruction as he has much more experience in that than me.

Then I played games with my big cousins. It was lots of fun. First, I lured them to the kitchen door with my feminine wiles, then I took a run up across the kitchen, and charged through them and straight under the coffee table, where they can't get me because they are too big. Then I would attack them from under the coffee table, especially Oliver. I attacked his beard and his ears, and anything else I could reach, just like the dog I saw in the park the other day.

Sometimes I would charge through to the lounge room and scatter them, and then charge back through them just as they were starting to regroup. And whenever they caught me, I would roll over onto my back and say "I'm too cute to eat, I'm just a little puppy." Haha! They fell for it every time!

I hope I get a chance to play with them again soon.


Anonymous said...

you have much to learn, young padawan.

Sasha said...

Now that we are spending so much time together, do you prefer "Olly" or "Darth"?